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Challenge Coins: A source of great pride.

Challenge coins have a long and rich history. The legacy of the challenge coin comes from the military, dating back to the first World War. Across the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and coast guard, commanders would commission the creation of custom coins to recognize loyalty, unity and achievement.

Rewarding someone with a military coin always served to impart pride in that person and their cause. It still does. In fact, the challenge coin and all that it symbolizes has become a powerful source of pride for all kinds of organizations: teams, business associations, scout troops, fraternities, church groups, social clubs, charities and more.

We'll craft your coin - free.

When you work with PricelessCoin, you get custom-made challenge coins designed to be meaningful and lasting. Our design services are offered absolutely free with your order giving you the full benefit of a talented creative design team capable of developing a completely unique coin. You can even select the metal we’ll use to craft your custom coins.

Custom challenge coins are perfect for:

  • The Military
  • Sports Teams
  • Business Associations
  • Scout Troops
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • ROTC Units
  • Clubs
  • Charities
  • and more!

Included with every order


  • Set Up
  • UPS Air Shipping
  • Artwork and Design
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 14 Day Delivery Guarantee
  • Up to 5 colors included


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